Forest Schools!

This week Swallows have been cooking food on the fire for the children to enjoy their party time.


Forest Schools

We have had another lovely afternoon with Jackie and Mo doing Forest Schools.

This afternoon we have made the great individual fires of Weston using a flint and steel. Also, we have been on a tree identification walk around the grounds. All children have had great fun enjoying the frosty conditions. Hot chocolate was very welcomed!!


Forest Schools Fun!

Today in Forest Schools we have done a scavanger hunt related to The Great Fire of London. Also we burnt Pudding and Marshmallow Lane and the children have made a chain where they needed to pass the water down to the leaders who put out the fire. Pudding Lane ignited the quickest and destroyed the village.


Thanks to Jackie and Mo for a fantastic afternoon following the curriculum through a different angle in Forest Schools.



Swallows trip to Pickford’s house

Swallows today visited Pickford’s House as part of our War and Remembrance topic this half term. Children experienced what it was like to shelter in the cellar at Pickford’s House during a World War II air raid attack. During this, they met a costumed ARP warden who explained his role in the war.

Take a look at a few of the pictures that captured our trip below!


Swallows inside the cellar at Pickford’s House.



The ARP Warden.


I hope you all had a lovely day.

Mr. Johnson